Well we finally did it! We got our vintage Shasta on the road and I gotta tell you I LOVE IT!  Image

This little *studio apartment* on wheels is just perfect for two.


(I don’t know who that old lady is standing near my trailer, but she needs to brush her hair,  put on make-up and tone down that grin!! )

OK, first, some background:  We picked a 1973 Shasta — mostly because it was in wonderful condition for the age and a great value for the $$$  —  but also because  it  is the year  Ronnie and  I  met  and  hooked up for our  lifetime *road trip*. And just like the vintage Shasta, 39 years later we both have some aches, pains and dings for the wear.  But if the road was too easy it probably wouldn’t lead anywhere, right. Like any vintage campers would tell you “just roll with it, baby”!!

Ronnie and I are both pretty handy, so we actually enjoy getting to know our little tag-along inside and out, and eventually plan to  customize it to our personal tastes. But for right now  practice makes perfect, and  we decided  it was ready for it’s first  *close to home* maiden-voyage. So we packed her up and headed for  Owego. ImageOwego is a  town in Broome County, just 2 hours north of us. We stayed at an RV park in Endicott, Exit 67 off the Edge of 17.Image

I’ll write more about Owego in my next post. I just wanted to dedicate today’s entry  to the launching of our little home on wheels.  Long may she run!!!


In picture above we just arrived and started to unpack, hence the mess. — The white insert on the left is refrigerator. Oven and stove runs on propane. Also water heater runs on propane. Just to the left of the refrigerator is a little tiny bathroom with shower & toilet. Ronnie and I will be converting the plumbing to newer plastic Pex. And replacing the toilet with a new one. As we educate ourselves we learn that a lot of people are opting for compost toilets that work with a  toilet seat over a fitted *box*.  The idea is to line it with a bag system and fill it with peat moss or kitty litter. When finished using  just remove the bag and — well — some people put it in their gardens.  I understand the logic for all.  The reason many prefer this system is because  there are less complications with plumbing problems and also, some campsites don’t offer sewage.

I’ll take plumbing any day. But the compost system is truly worth  consideration for dedicated survivalists and eco conscious travelers.

Anyhooooo, I’ll leave you now with mucho enthusiasm for future journeys….and check out this little spy I saw hiding in the grass while we were setting up the camper.Image