Ron and I took a peaceful ride to the Bashakill again. We’ve been stopping by, hoping to view  the bald eagles that nest there.


This peaceful corner of the earth envelopes you  instantly. The stillness sliced periodically by sweet bird calls and the occasional  bull frog cry  (sounded more  like a banjo).

Red-winged black birds were out and about, teaching their babies to fly,  and the water lilies, like little yellow jewels  were just beginning to bloom upon the water.Image  Ron and I jumped out of the car just chock full of enthusiasm for viewing the eagles nest, but we forgot all about those binoculars  as the serene environment swallowed us up.


We  sat on rocks  and just drank it all in. Haven’t felt that way in a loooong time. Being fully conscious of our interconnection with Nature and this beautiful planet just bustling with living energy. — The web of life.Image

Directions to The Bashakill Wildlife Management preserve are included in the link below:–h-canal-trail—bashakill-wildlife-management-area.aspx


If you should decide to make this day trip keep in mind that right across the street there’s a wonderful new winery you may consider.